Born in Berlin, Germany
1976-79 Education as graphic designer at the Lette-Institute Berlin
1984 Internship in California (USA)
1980-87 Scientific graphic designer at the Free University of Berlin
1987-88 School of Art “Wladimir Troynikov”
1997 Internship in Lanzarote (Spain)
since 2011 Member of the artist association "Les Montmartrois de Berlin"
Lives and works in Berlin, Germany
I believe that everything has consciousness - human beings, animals, plants and the environment. We can get in touch with everything. Everything is connected. I feel especially drawn to the plant kingdom. For me plants represent my spiritual and emotional closeness to nature. They are a fountain of inspiration. Their form, gentleness and vulnerability are what touches and inspires me.  Plants symbolize change and transformation, the cycle of Life, from birth to death and from light to shadow. It is not my intend to copy nature but rather to look beyond. My paintings reflect journeys from within, visions, dreams, mystic experiences and the outer world.

If we follow the scenic path of the artist, then we experience a world full of magic and charm, as if we are entering a new world through esoteric gates. One thing is certain: the paintings are a peaceful expression in contrast to our time and age. The romanticism struggles, under the surface, against the everyday truth of the violent 21st century. The paintings convey information and messages to the observer which should be observed time and again. But what we see, we can believe. Nepomuk Ullmann, Poet, Berlin

2015 Creative Contemporary Artists Catalog, Vol 2, Berlin
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